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Lineal Industries believes strong leadership, agility and adaptability to changes in market conditions are the key to long-term success. We see our future in energy as a combination of providing conventional and renewable energy services. Lineal Industries is relocating from Bridgeville, Pennsylvania to the energy capital of the world, Houston, Texas. Why? Because Houston is poised to become the renewable energy capital of the world.

These core values are critical at every level of the Lineal organization, from our
Executive Management team to those responsible for the delivery of safe,
dependable results in the field.

The team below represents our commitment to the continuation of 67 years of

Brian Shanklin
 President & CEO, Lineal Star Holdings LLC; Board Member, Lineal Star Holdings LLC, Lineal Star Holdings, LLC

In addition to his position in Lineal Industries, Brian Shanklin serves as President, Co-Founder and a Principal of Lone Star Energy Fabrication from 2009 - 2020. Lone Star provides custom fabrication, electric, and rig-up services at competitive prices for any onshore/offshore project - along with a wide range of other professional services and benefits.  Lone Star customers have included ABB, Shell, Chevron, GE Power, and Baker Hughes.  Brian previously worked as Nabors Industries Country Manager from 1991 -2009.





James Valdez

 Director of Business Development, Lineal Industries, Inc. NE USA





Sherri Noel

 Director of Human Resources, Lineal Industries, Inc. NE USA

Over 23 years of experience working with Lineal Industries. Responsible for employee-related matters through all phases of employment; acts as office manager by organizing operations and procedures; assigning and monitoring administrative and clerical functions. Sherri represents Lineal Industries as a Member of the United Steel Workers Union Board of  Trustees, Local 14693.

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